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Got a service that uses voice? Speechly has your back.

Voice Chat Moderation

Voice chat is a big part of the game experience but it is also a key channel for problematic behavior. Speechly provides tools to help you identify problems quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

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Real-time Transcription

Massive amounts of speech data are being generated online every day. Speechly for transcription enables you to process this data accurately, cost-effectively and in real-time.

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Voice Interfaces

Build voice-enabled apps easily with Speechly Voice Interfaces. Perfect for input-heavy cases where speed and efficiency are key.

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Patented technology that’s more accurate than Big Tech alternatives

  • Support for 99 languages
  • Automatic language detection
  • Deploy on-device, on-premise or in the cloud
  • Select from multiple different models, including Conformer RNN-T and Whisper
  • Obtain extreme accuracy with domain specific model training
  • Transcribe pre-recorded audio with high throughput and live streaming audio with low latency
  • Powerful features like punctuation, number formatting, text labeling, entity detection and more
  • Insightful audio event labelling
  • Easy to use SDK and API integration options
  • See full feature overview →
Transcribe with Speechly CLI
# Install Speechly CLIbrew tap speechly/tapbrew install speechly# Transcribe pre-recorded audiospeechly transcribe file.wav -a YOUR-SPEECHLY-APP-ID# No audio file handy? Download sample audio file# First time using Speechly CLI? View installation instructions
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10 000+ people across 140+ countries use Speechly

Our technology and hands-on approach helps our customers solve unique problems in unique ways.
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Ben Salili-James

We chose Speechly to power the Steppenwolf experience thanks to its super low latency, market-leading accuracy, and its availability across all web browsers, Unreal Engine and Unity.

Ben Salili-James

Co-Founder and CTO at Charisma.ai

Christopher Barnes

Speechly’s ASR quality and speed is quite good compared to more expensive alternatives from major platforms; the Speechly SDK is extremely easy to integrate and works across most browsers; and Speechly is a great partner to work with to solve the specific and particular technical challenges for our game.

Christopher Barnes

Technical Director at Fortis Games

Will Hall

Latency is a problem we have to tackle all the time, but Speechly is able to give us that answer so incredibly quickly that it was kind of startling. What a fantastic problem to have.

Will Hall

Chief Creative Officer at RAIN Agency

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