Extract meaning from spoken language in real‑time

Speechly provides accurate real-time Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) tools under one flexible API. Ideal for extracting information from spoken language or creating voice-enabled multimodal apps.

Got a service that uses voice? Speechly has your back.

For Audio Services

Extract meaningful information from spoken language

Speechly makes it easy to analyze and extract meaningful information from spoken language through AI powered real-time or asynchronous voice transcription.

Great for media transcription, speech to text, voice chat moderation, and AI agent assistance and sales support.

Speechly for Audio Services
For Interfaces

Create voice-enabled multimodal apps and websites

Speechly is the easiest way to create voice-enabled multimodal apps and websites that reduce effort and increase accuracy. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Great for logistics, ecommerce and other input-heavy cases where speed and efficiency are key.

Speechly for Interfaces
Why Speechly

Patented technology that’s more accurate than Big Tech alternatives


Speechly uses advanced machine learning and proprietary modeling to understand speech with 95% accuracy. That means more accurate transcription delivered automatically through our speech-to-text API.


Speechly’s groundbreaking real-time, streaming, Spoken Language Understanding® reacts the second you engage. It enables fast and direct voice interactions with immediate feedback.


Reduce cloud costs, enhance privacy and ensure zero-latency experiences by running Speechly directly on the end-users’ device. Especially helpful for high volume voice chat moderation and AI assisted sales.

Built for developers

Start building with Speechly

Speechly was designed for fast and simple integration into your existing tech stack.


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Create an Speechly account to get started.


Create a Speechly application

Use one of our starter templates or configure your own.


Integrate Speechly to your site

Speechly is available for Web, React, iOS, and Android.

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Success Stories

Thousands of people across 20+ countries use Speechly

Our technology and hands-on approach helps our customers solve unique problems in unique ways.
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Steve Kappers

The professionals at Speechly were extremely helpful in helping us optimize the Speechly speech engine to high accuracy in our noisy industrial use case. A great team to partner with!

Steve Kappers


Bobby Bryant

Fully streaming API results and multimodality was a big WOW for us when choosing Speechly..

Bobby Bryant

CEO & Founder of Ask DOSS

Harri Laaksonen

We chose Speechly because they had the best speech recognition service and we can utilize it with our own data, which is not possible with Apple or Google or similar capabilities.

Harri Laaksonen

Ecommerce Development Manager, S-Group

Saila Koivusalo

With Speechly’s voice technology, we are able to collect far more data from our users and we can process the data very quickly as it’s already in a reusable digital format.

Saila Koivusalo

Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, M.D., PhD, Adjunct Professor, Development Manager, HUS

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