Visiting Fellow

We are looking for an ambitious and hands-on academic in the fields of Speech recognition or Natural Language Understanding to join our team for a temporary or permanent basis. You have a solid academic background and would like to get hands-on experience building practical applications leveraging the state-of-the-art research. You want to expand your perspective outside the academia, while staying close to those roots. You are an adept developer who gets stuff built fast and like trying things out in practice and measuring the results.

You will be working closely with our research teams responsible for:

You will be a great candidate for this position if you have:

We expect you to master most of the following tools and technologies:

We can offer you a rare opportunity to complement your academic career with in-depth practical work building amazing technology products with us, and of course also:

How to apply

Please submit your resume and cover letter to Please describe in your cover letter your research topics and practical implementation experience of ASR or NLU solutions. Also please reflect how your current research topics could be used in our company’s context and what we could achieve by working together.