Company story

Speechly was founded on the fundamental belief that voice will be the next big paradigm shift following touch. Around 2016 while building Apple’s Siri in Paris, our CTO Hannes realized that the foundational technologies enabling modern voice UIs had finally reached a level where something unique could be built.

The first MVP prototype for a modern voice UI was built for tracking meals in a meal diary. This was piloted in a closed user group of around 50 people and the initial feedback was totally surprising: everyone loved it and kept using it. This was the evidence that we were on to something.

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Our aim is to build the “Twilio for Voice UIs”. We develop technology with which developers and companies can easily add voice UI features into their existing products and services.

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We believe that we are at the verge of a paradigm shift in terms of UIs and we at Speechly are developing the technology that will realize this.

Key team members

A photo of Hannes Heikinheimo of Speechly

Hannes Heikinheimo

CTO, co-founder
A photo of Otto Söderlund of Speechly

Otto Söderlund

CEO, co-founder
A photo of Janne Pylkkönen of Speechly

Janne Pylkkönen

Chief Scientist, co-founder
A photo of Markus Lång of Speechly

Markus Lång

Chief Architect, co-founder
A photo of Väinö Järvelä of Speechly

Väinö Järvelä

Lead Developer
A photo of Ottomatias Peura of Speechly

Ottomatias Peura

Head of Growth
A photo of Vasumathi Neralla of Speechly

Vasumathi Neralla

Machine Learning Trainee
A photo of Juho Kilpikoski of Speechly

Juho Kilpikoski

NLU Engineer
A photo of Igor Suleymanov of Speechly

Igor Suleymanov

Senior Software Engineer
A photo of Antti Ukkonen of Speechly

Antti Ukkonen

Head of NLU
A photo of Matti Varjokallio of Speechly

Matti Varjokallio

Speech scientist
A photo of Karoliina Louhema of Speechly

Karoliina Louhema

Natural Language Specialist
A photo of Anna Kozlova of Speechly

Anna Kozlova

NLU Engineer
A photo of Atte Gartman of Speechly

Atte Gartman

Web developer
A photo of Samu Tamminen of Speechly

Samu Tamminen

NLU Engineer
A photo of Eduard Rastoropov of Speechly

Eduard Rastoropov

Developer Advocate
A photo of Janne Käki of Speechly

Janne Käki

Lead Mobile Developer