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Audio Moderation

Real-time audio moderation and transcription

Our audio moderation highlights profanities from an audio source and tags utterances into offensive and non offensive ones.

This also demonstrates Speechly’s transcription and timestamping capabilities to keep track of what is being said at what time.

Voice Filtering

Fashion Ecommerce

Multimodal voice filtering for product discovery

Our voice filtering updates results in real-time, as the user is speaking, enabling the user to narrow down the produt selection effectively. The user is able to correct themselves and is encouraged to go on with the voice experience.

Users’ voice input is changing the category filter drowdown menus and the user sees their filters being applied as they speak for an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

Voice Form

Flight Booking

Multimodal voice data input for web forms

A form gives the user a clear understanding on what kind of data they are supposed to fill. However, on a mobile phone, typing and tapping can sometimes be cumbersome.

Users can use natural language to fill the form and see the form being filled in real time.

Voice Search

Search Engine

Search the web using voice

Our voice enabled search engine makes finding things a breeze. Narrowing down the search results using voice together with a continuous search is really an amazing experience.

Users can use natural language to execute and refine their search, while seeing the results being updated in real time.

Voice Input

Instant Messaging

Say it however it comes out

Our voice enabled chat makes writing messages fast and easy. Sometimes typing messages can be daunting and cumbersome, especially when you’re on the move.

Users can use natural language to write their messages, supporting features such as sentence casing and punctation.

Voice Commands

Smart Home

Smart home commands in real time

A typical voice assistant reacts only after the user is speaking, resulting in a turn-based, slow experience.

Speechly’s fully streaming solution can react in real time to an arbitrarily long utterances.

List Building

Fast food ordering

Order your favourite meal quick

Fast food ordering should be fast - waiting in line or clicking through endless menus is not.

Speechly’s list building technology allows customers to instantly put together their fast food orders, customize them and execute the order.

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