What Can You Build With Speechly?

See and try some demos of our technology

Voice search

Fashion eCommerce

Multimodal voice search for product discovery

Our voice search updates results in real-time, as the user is speaking, enabling the user to do multiple searches in short time. The user is able to correct themselves and is encouraged to go on with the voice experience.

Users’ voice input is changing the category filter drowdown menus and the user sees their filters being applied as they speak for an intuitive and enjoyable experience.


Voice FORM

Flight booking

Multimodal voice data input for web forms

A form gives the user a clear understanding on what kind of data they are supposed to fill. However, on a mobile phone, especially on-the-go typing and tapping can be cumbersome.

In our solution, the user can use natural language to fill the form and the user sees the form being filled in real time.


Voice commands

Smart home

Smart home commands in real time.

A typical voice assistant reacts only after the user is speaking, resulting in a turn-based, slow experience.

Speechly’s fully streaming solution can react in real time to an arbitrarily long utterances.

Smart home

CodePen examples

Learn how to create awesome voice experiences with a few lines of code.

Voice Search

Fill search box with voice

Voice search is growing fast because it’s simple and efficient. With Speechly, you can build voice search to your site with a few lines of code. Test it out and learn how it’s done in this Codepen.

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Voice Forms

Manipulate form with voice

Data entry with voice is up to four times faster than traditional interaction methods. Speechly’s real-time visual feedback allows the user to stay in control of what’s happening and form filling becomes smoother and more efficient.

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Voice Commands

Play Pacman with voice

Voice commands is a great use case for voice. You can replace any click or tap with a voice command by using our low-latency API. In this demo, Pacman is controlled with voice commands.

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