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Natural user interfaces enable users complete a task in a nice, intuitive way. This helps onboard new users quickly and enables old achieve more in less time

Speechly helps form filling

Use voice the right way

Speechly is designed for building natural voice experiences with real-time visual feedback. Follow our design guidelines and succeed!

Let your users command, not converse

Voice assistants and chatbots are based on question-answer based queries. This adds artificial delay to user tasks, doesn’t enable the user to continue the voice experience naturally and makes it hard to recover from problems.

Use push-to-talk for the most intuitive experience

Push-to-talk makes it clear when the user starts speaking and when they're done. It removes both latency and the need to repeat the wake word, and makes it clear for the end-user when the audio is captured.

Support all modalities

Touch is the best modality for selecting items from a limited number of options. Voice works great for other use cases, such as form filling and search filtering. Speechly enables designers to choose the best modalities for each task.

Enable users to correct themselves

Speechly supports natural, 'stream of consciousness' kind of utterances. Along with real-time visual feedback, it enables users to recover fast from possible errors.

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Jony Ive

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