Fast Track to Natural Voice Experiences

Speechly enables developers to skip the hard parts and focus on building awesome user experiences.

Speechly Spoken Language Understanding

Speechly enables developers to focus on the important parts


Send audio, get actionable response in real-time.

Speechly API provides transcript, intents and entities with a single API call

Easy to integrate

No need to figure out how to deal with microphones and stuff, just use the SDK.

const { segment } = useSpeechContext();
useEffect(() => {
if (segment) {
DoVoiceAction(segment.intent, segment.entities);
}, [segment]);


Configure your application for any domain or use case with our simple Speechly Annotation Language syntax.

*book_flight Show flights from
[London](from) to [New York](to)
departing on $SPEECHLY.DATE(depart_date)
and returning on $SPEECHLY.DATE(return_date)

Demo for the playful

If you want to play around before diving into details.

Tutorials for techies

Build your first voice application in no time with our simple tutorials.


Intent and entity extraction
Our API returns user intent and entities along with the transcript. Easy to configure for any use case.
Powerful and easy-to-use Speechly Annotation Language for configuring your model.
Single configuration
Same model available for all platforms for consistent user experience. Fully streaming real-time API.
Get insight into how your users interact with your application.
Multiple intents
Supports as many intents and entities per utterance as you need.
Command line tools
Integrates easily to your existing workflows and processes.
No data needed
Get up and running with no prior datasets.
Client libraries and tutorials for easy integration.
Low latency
Real-time visual feedback for intuitive and easy user experience.
Tailored speech recognition
Supports your custom vocabulary.
Optimized for touch screens
Integrates to your current user interface.
Data security built-in
Your users' data is secured with the highest industry standards

Available on all major touch screen platforms


Get started — it's easier than you think


Design the experience with Speechly design guidelines


Use our Playground to test your configuration


Client libraries available for all major touch screen platforms


Use data collected in your application to iterate