Voice User Interfaces for Android

Create efficient voice user interfaces with Speechly for native Android applications

While Android has support for native speech recognition with Google, that's not a suitable solution for natural voice-enabled user interfaces.

All you need for effient Android voice UIs

Fully streaming API

Fully streaming API for actionable and real-time results

Easy to configure

Speechly can be configured to any use case with no data

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UI Components

Customizable Swift UI components for fast development cycles.

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UI components
You can use our ready-made UI components for the microphone button, transcription and errors for fast development.
Built for teams
Spoken Language Understanding model can be configured by using our CLI tools and integrated to your version control
Our fully streaming SLU API returns accurate results in real-time, even with low-end internet connections
Get support for configuration and integration from our Developer Success professionals
Wide compability
Supports all major browsers on desktop and mobile
Unified experience
Same model used on all platforms for a unified experience across channels
No data needed
Models can be configured by using written example utterances
Integrate to any app
Enhance any iOS application with a voice user interface

Start building awesome voice experiences on Android

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Available on all major touch screen platforms