Fact sheet about Speechly, the company.

Name Speechly
Previous name Speechgrinder
Year of incorporation 2016
Country of origin Finland
Location Helsinki, Finland
Founding team CEO, co-founder: Otto Söderlund
CTO, co-founder: Hannes Heikinheimo
Chief Scientist, co-founder: Janne Pylkkönen
Chief Architect, co-founder: Markus Lång

Experienced team of scientists, developers and entrepreneurs who have been building world-class products such as Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa.
Summary Speechly offers a low latency, fully streaming spoken language understanding API to power complex user tasks via a voice-enabled multimodal interface. Our real-time, responsive solution is available to developers across all major platforms, enabling an intuitive, consistent, and better voice experience for your users wherever they are. Domain examples include ecommerce, search, gaming, digital health apps, and more.
Product Spoken Language Understanding APIs and SDKs providing real-time speech-to-intent capabilities that enable any developer to easily add intuitive voice UIs into their products.
Employees 12
Website https://www.speechly.com/
Social media accounts GitHub: Speechly
Twitter: @speechlyAPI
LinkedIn: Speechly