Speechly Pricing

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For personal and non-commercial use


API usage 50h / month

Good for hundreds of users

  • Real-time Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Real-time Spoken Language Understanding (SLU)
  • Configure using Dashboard or CLI
  • Platform integration SDKs
  • Community support


Everything you need for building successful voice applications

$ 895/ month

API usage 1200h / month

Good for tens of thousands of users

Everything in Starter, plus…

  • Configuration support
  • End user utterance data and analytics
  • Data annotation tools
  • Text based language model
  • Additional API usage $ 0.018 / min


Great for building serious voice applications at scale

Starting at

$ 3000/ month

Unlimited API usage

Good for serious business

Everything in Professional, plus…

  • Bespoke speech-to-text model
  • Custom deployments
  • Data annotation and model optimization service
  • Onboarding support and training
  • Configuration and integration support

Verify your success

POC with Speechly

Build a proof of concept with Speechly to get your business case validated quickly and to verify best possible accuracy. Available for Enterprise plan.

Contact us
  • Dedicated technical support person
  • Acoustic customization for your model
  • Help for designing your voice user interface
  • Continuous accuracy improvements
  • Help for annotating your transcripts
  • Onboarding workshop for your developers

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