Speechly as a machine learning company is a data-driven company. We live and breathe data. We place high value for our data and hence want to protect it as much as possible. We think we should protect your data by the same standards.

Just like any digital company, we have to collect data. We collect data related to our business and we collect data to improve our machine learning algorithms.

The machine learning models need data to operate properly. Some of the data we use to train our models comes from various publicly available datasets. Some of the data we work with is provided by our users.

We acknowledge that the data we work with is often private by nature. Even if it’s not, we protect it as it was. We don’t share your data with third parties except in the few cases outlined in these privacy policies.

You can find all our privacy related legal documents from this page. We have a separate policy for our website visitors and for those who use our API as developers or as end-users of your application built with Speechly.

If you have any questions related to our privacy policies, you can send us a mail.

Privacy policy documents

Date Title
Mar 23nd 2020 Speechly API Privacy policy
Mar 23nd 2020 Speechly API Terms of Use
Feb 26nd 2020 How we approach your privacy
Nov 11nd 2019 Terms and Conditions
Aug 13nd 2019 Speechly Website Privacy Policy