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Our products help you build voice enabled applications and services for next generation.killer apps

The existing tools in the market are limited in terms of functionalities and features.

Previous generations
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Problems that can be solved:
Simple dialogs (e.g. remote control, information retrieval)
Complicated continuous tasks (e.g. real-time listing)
Voice, vision, touch
Interaction type
Turn-based question-answer
Real-time continuous multi-modal
Voice assistants, smart speakers.
Any website, application, service, device or process.
Bring services to closed ecosystems
No ecosystem lock-up
Limited brand visibility in third party ecosystem
Keep customers within your own branded environments
Differentiation points
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Tailored for building voice UIs
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Multi-modal from ground up
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Works on any platform

API products

A mockup of a voice-enabled shopping basket app

A mockup of a voice-enabled shopping basket app Voice-enabled shopping basket

Let your customers fill their shopping basket using their voice. Our APIs map user speech in real-time into your SKUs so that they find what they want fast and conveniently.

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A mockup of a voice-enabled smart speaker

A mockup of a voice-enabled smart speaker Continuous voice search

Many UI tasks include users having to make choices from a big universe of possibilities. Imagine if they could do all of this using their voice with real-time response.

A mockup of a voice-enabled food app

An icon of a video camera Real-time voice input with tailored NLU

Our speech recognition technology seamlessly integrates the most important natural language processing functionalities so you can understand what your users mean in real-time.