Speechly for Social Experiences

Massive amounts of speech data are being generated online every day. Speechly for Social Experiences toolkit is the first product that allows you to process this data accurately, cost-effectively and in real-time.

Why You’ll Love It


Speechly allows you to easily adapt speech recognition models to your specific domain outperforming Big Tech APIs by 20% to 60%.


Reduce cloud costs by up to 100x, by running Speechly on the users’ device or in your private cloud.

Private & Secure

Your user data is your biggest asset so why share it? With Speechly you are in full control of your user data.


Our Streaming API is built for Spoken Language Understanding™ enabling you to extract meaning from speech in real time.

Use Cases


Transcribe massive amounts of audio accurately and cost-effectively.


The best speech recognition for building safer & more secure online communities.


Analyze conversations in real time to present AI powered recommendations to your agents and reps.


  • Podcasts and Audio Streams

    Using Speechly, you can easily transcribe speech on the users’ device, resulting in a cost-effective solution for transcribing large amounts of audio content. All in real-time and with industry leading accuracy.

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  • Videos and Streaming

    Using Speechly you know exactly what is being said in videos and streams in real-time. By running Speechly on-device, you can cost-effectively scale across any and all video platforms.

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  • Gaming

    With Speechly you can build safer and less toxic gaming communities by detecting abusive behavior in real time.

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  • Metaverse

    Speechly is the first voice ai tool that makes it financially viable to moderate voice chat across AR/VR and metaverse experiences. Use Speechly to detect and address hate speech, harassment, and/or profanity in real time.

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    Our patented technology works in real-time, powering everything from on-site voice search to voice command and control.

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