Speechly Website & Blog

Speechly web pages and blog posts are static html pages hosted at Netlify. They are automatically built from source files hosted at GitHub.

Netlify also forwards any sent forms forwarding to e.g. Zaplify and email.

Technology overview

Example workflow


One-time setup instructions to start working with Speechly.com


Check that you have these tools installed by opening a terminal window, and issuing:

node --version
npm --version
npx --version
git --version

Cloning the GitHub repositiory

Open a terminal window. Download ("clone") the GitHub sources to your local computer:

git clone git@github.com:speechly/speechly-web-2020.git

Use node to install the technologies the site builder depends on:

cd speechly-web-2020
npm i

Running the web site locally

npm start

Then open http://localhost:8080/ in your web browser.

Publishing changes

To check which files have been changed

git status

Review any changes to a file if needed

git diff myfoofile.bar

Edit any unwanted changes and remove any unwanted extra files.

When ready, add files and push the changes to GitHub (master branch) as follows:

git add .
git commit -m"Description of my changes"
git push

Once done, Netlify will automatically build the web pages and blog posts and publish them online. This usually takes some 5 minutes.

Noteworthy files and folders

Editing career openings

careers/ page is created by /company/careers.liquid from folders inside /careers/.

Creating a new position

Creating new blog posts

Add a new directory to _posts. The directory name will be the slug for the post (/blog/post-directory-name/)

Add a new file index.md

Add boilerplate:

title: "Blog human readable title"
date: 2020-01-12T11:31:50+03:00 
draft: false # if true, post won't get published
categories: "Voice tech" # one category per post
heroimage: "time-to-cart.jpg" # relative to post directory
description: "Decreasing time-to-cart in grocery ecommerce can have a huge impact on the business, because creating the first cart takes so much time and is cumbersome. With speech recognition, time-to-cart can be decreased by up to 90%." # visible in post listings and hero
author: Ottomatias Peura # Fetches image from team members. If author is not a team member, photo won't be visible.

Add post in Markdown.

Commit. Master will be published to speechly.com. If the post won't get published in a few minutes, the build has probably failed in Netlify. Contact Ari.


Redirects are added in netlify.toml (Demo redirects are in /static/_redirects)