Use Cases

Assistance for Audio and Video Services

Analyze conversations in Real Time and present AI powered Customer Support and Sales Enablement information to agents and reps using the Speechly for Audio Services API.

Phrase & Topic Detection

Speechly can be trained to go beyond simple Keyword Detection to understand full Phrases and Topics.

Intent & Entity Detection

Our platform is able to pick up the Intent in customer conversations, along with Entities such as Names, Emails, Dates and Addresses.

Real-time Insight

With latency of only a few hundred milliseconds, agents and reps can react to new information efficiently.

Easy Integration

Speechly’s Spoken Language Understanding™ API is built with a focus on easy integration to other platforms.

Additional Features

Prompts and Notifications

With Real Time insights, users of Speechly can build message Prompts to respond to important customer requests or activate Notifications for coaching agents and reps in Real Time.

Sentiment AnalysisComing soon

Our technology looks at how things are said, not just what is said.

Industries we Serve

Customer Service, Sales Enablement, and Video Communications

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