10x your deskless workforce efficiency with voice technology

Speechly uses natural language technology to help deskless workers track large volumes of data with 95% accuracy. This means that you can gain a competitive edge over your competitors with a more efficient workforce, powered by modern voice technologies.

Make voice data input your competitive advantage

Voice enables up to four times faster data input than traditional user interfaces with more than 95% accuracy.

Speechly’s Spoken Language Understanding comes with real-time visual feedback, creating an easy to use, easy to trust, best-in-class user experience.

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Speechly for Deskless Workers

10x workforce efficiency

Voice can improve workforce efficiency for employees, no matter where they are. Get started with Speechly to unlock:

Faster data retrieval

Better employee performance

Shorter training times

Increase employee satisfaction

From helping workers find answers to questions instantly to embedding Speechly’s Reactive Voice UI into existing mobile applications, you can say goodbye to inaccurate, manual methods of gathering and managing data. Improve workplace decision-making by 3x with Speechly’s powerful and accurate data reporting.

Customize Speechly’s Reactive Voice UI for any vocabulary or acoustic environment

Cabin defect management system for airlines

Qoco Systems, development partner of Finnair

Qoco Systems uses Speechly to voice-enable a cabin defect management system for airlines that cabin staff use to quickly report defects during turnarounds.

The voice features make it very fast and easy to walk through the cabin and record defects using speech, improving turnaround time and quality of defect data collected. Speechly was chosen because:

  • The only solution capable of adapting to the aviation industry-specific language
  • Easy and quick integration
  • Speed and ease of use saved cabin staff time
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Voice user interfaces can improve workforce efficiency by enabling professionals complete their tasks faster and more accurately.

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Ilari Neitola

Speechly was basically the only applicable solution for us since it could be adjusted to understand the very specific domain language of the aviation industry used by the professionals.

Ilari Neitola

CTO at Qoco systems

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