A screenshot of SOK voice-enabled grocery shopping list app

Case SOK - Voice to a major Nordic retailer


S-Group, Finland’s largest grocery store cooperative, had developed an e-commerce store for their increasingly digitally savvy customers. However allowing their customers to build their regular grocery shopping baskets from their over 90 000 SKUs proved to be relatively slow and cumbersome for their customers.


To make the shopping experience easier, S-Group used Speechly technology to build a voice-enabled shopping basket iOS app called “S-Ostoslista”.


  • Time to build shopping basket cut by 5-10x
  • Great user retention
  • Great user reviews: 4.6 stars in App Store, “The best innovation since paper and pen. An absolutely stunning application” –Appstore user
  • Great client feedback: "I would strongly recommend to try out Speechly” -Harri Laaksonen, eCommerce development manager, S-Group
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