Voice-enable your warehouse operations

Speechly’s Spoken Language Understanding creates a hands-free, paperless system that employs voice commands for warehouse processes. Create fast and accurate real-time voice-user interfaces and easily improve your warehouse workforce efficiency.

Implement Speechly easily into your existing logistics operations

Because of Speechly’s remarkably fast implementation and ease of use, you can expect to see an improvement in workforce efficiency within six months. With the improved data quality, Speechly enables warehouse management to track and analyze progress and reallocate resources in almost real-time.

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Speechly for Logistics

Improve your warehouse workforce efficiency by 40% with Speechly.

Use Speechly’s voice user interface to both direct the operator and take commands using voice. Typical voice commands that operators use include product code strings, quantities, and locations. Get started with Speechly to unlock:

Reduced error rates

Improved data input and reporting

Happier employees

Reduced training time for new employees

With Speechly, you can report anomalies like broken or missing items, in real time. This means improved data quality and cost savings for your logistics operations.

When you voice-enable your warehouse systems, your operators can spend more time out in the warehouse picking and pulling orders, and less time on manual reporting and searching for documents.

Use Speechly’s intuitive voice-user interfaces to train your new employees in less than 24 hours

Voice picking

Market leading cold storage provider

A market leading cold storage provider uses Speechly to enable voice picking in their warehouse worker Android application.

The voice features make the warehouse workers more productive and increase the quality of the data captured in the warehouse management system. Speechly was chosen because:

  • Ability to perform accurately in a noisy warehouse setting using acoustic adaptation capabilities
  • Proven speed saved warehouse workers time
  • Easy and quick to integrate into the mobile application
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Steve Kappers

The professionals at Speechly were extremely helpful in helping us optimize the Speechly speech engine to high accuracy in our noisy industrial use case. A great team to partner with!

Steve Kappers

CEO at ITSpeeX

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