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With Speechly’s voice ordering solution, put the “quick” in your quick service restaurant business by taking 50% more orders in 20% less time.

Simplify the ordering experience in-store and online

Customers ask for what they want, how they want it, and see their order sent through in just seconds - no stressed CSR, no clunky voice assistant. Just the customer, a screen, and their voice.

With a frictionless experience designed to flex for both efficiency and exploration, Speechly lets your customers add items to an order quickly, even when they’re unfamiliar with a menu. The intuitive, no-pressure voice ordering experience eliminates frustration and improves order accuracy. And it’s easy to get started.

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Speechly for Quick Service Restaurants

Make ordering 5x faster using Speechly

Create consistent, accurate, frictionless voice ordering experiences at the table, in the drive-thru, and online. Get started with Speechly to unlock:

Faster Ordering

Reduced Operational Costs

Reduced FOH impact during the rush

Happier customers

With Speechly’s Reactive Voice UI, you can offer customers an easy to use voice ordering experience that will feel natural whether it’s integrated into the front of house experience or at the drive-thru, where we’ve seen Speechly drive revenue up by 10-20%.

Let Speechly help you handle the rush.

Give your customers a fast, accurate, and hands-free way to order from your menu. Using voice.

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Voice & the Grocery Industry

Learn how voice is changing the way people shop for groceries.

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Voice-enabled pizza ordering system

Market leading Nordic pizzachain

A market leading pizza chain wanted to make pizza ordering easier by allowing users to use their voice to make their order.

The voice UI allows users to choose their pizzas and customize them based on their preferences. Choosing your favorite pizza and making modifications to it couldn't be easier than saying the word. Speechly was chosen because:

  • It provided the fastest way to integrate in the web
  • It was easy to train with existing data from voice channels
  • It could be adapted to support brand specific names and expressions
Murphy Mumm

If you are looking for a user-friendly voice technology for web with a low barrier to entry and easy integration, Speechly is your choice.

Murphy Mumm

Producer at 14Four

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