Speechly for Deskless Workers

The On-the-Go nature of the Deskless Workforce makes it an ideal scenario for a Voice Interface. With Speechly, you can make workers more efficient while capturing data and also improve the quality of the data captured in the field.

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We can talk all day about the value of a Voice Interface, but seeing is believing with Voice Experiences. Check out this video to see the value of a Voice Interface that focuses on the user task and NOT on having a Voice Assistant

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Speechly for deskless workers

Voice-enable your deskless workers

Voice Interfaces help the Deskless Workforce reach their full potential:

  • Efficient and Accurate data input and reporting
  • Maximize time spent on completing tasks vs administrative tasks
  • Simple Mobile and Web integration

For workers in the field, it can be challenging to efficiently capture important data. Voice Interfaces help make the data capture process more efficient and simple.

And since Speechly is completely proprietary, we give you the power to easily customize our models to understand your specific industry jargon - therefore improving the accuracy of the data captured.

The efficiency a Voice Interface brings to completing Deskless Workforce administrative tasks results in workers being able to increase the quality and output of their actual work.

How to get started?

Speechly is designed to easily integrate alongside web and mobile experiences. Using our SDKs you can add a Voice Interface as a Feature in any Deskless Workforce application.

The easiest way to get started is booking a meeting with our Sales team to discuss your goals. You can find our Contact Form below!

Fully streaming API results and multimodality was a big WOW for us when choosing Speechly.

How would you use Spoken Language Understanding?

Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your use case in more detail.