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Use voice to create next generation AR and VR experiences

Create immersive, hands-free controls for AR and VR environments with Speechly. Experience your Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality environments as you’re building them.

Building the next generation Metaverse with Speechly

Make your user experience more natural and immersive using real-time voice-enabled feedback.

Give your customers immersive, hands-free control of their virtual experience. Remove barriers for natural interaction by using voice to enable real-time feedback from user to computer.

Speechly for Metaverse

Voice enable your AR/VR environments

Speechly improves efficiency by letting your customers create efficient, immersive, experiences without the need to input data from multiple displays. Get started with Speechly to unlock:

More immersive, hands-free controls

Highly efficient expert users

Improved user experiences

Create faster and more efficient VR & AR environments using the best input technology available: your voice.

Take your customer into an immersive and engaging virtual world where they can interact with other virtual beings and objects (like your product) just as they would in the real world.

Use Speechly’s voice technology to build immersive, engaging AR/VR experiences for your users

Building AR/VR environments for businesses

Zoan is using Speechly to enable immersive hands-free control of their VR environments.

Zoan removes the barriers for natural interaction and starts using voice - the most natural interface for humans in VR environments.

Zoan is partnering with Speechly to build next-generation VR and AR services for industry professionals and consumers. Speechly’s Spoken Language Understanding allows developers to create VR environments while experiencing full immersion. Speechly was chosen because:

  • Speechly’s real-time natural speech understanding
  • Voice technology is the most natural input available for immersive experiences
  • Improved user experience, with almost instantaneous user feedback
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Speech Recognition in VR/AR Applications

Zoan is a Finnish startup that specializes in VR and AR solutions. Zoan is using Speechly to enable immersive hands-free control of their VR environments.

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Sami Heinonen

Current XR interaction devices are unintuitive and require training. Speechly technology enabled us to create truly immersive VR experience that free our users from clumsy controllers.

Sami Heinonen

CTO at Zoan

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