Speechly for Web Apps

Speechly is the only Voice Interface API provider that supports all browsers with industry leading accuracy in both Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding.

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Seeing (or speaking) is believing when it comes to Voice-enabled experiences. Our tool is built to enable Real-time visual feedback instead of Turn-based Voice Assistant experiences. When trying out our demo, you will realize the value a Voice Interface can provide in web applications when you eliminate the

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Speechly for Web Apps

Voice-enable your web app

The value of a Speechly Voice Interface in Web Apps:

  • Efficient and Accurate data input
  • Efficient and Accurate reporting
  • Eliminates Voice Assistant model and focuses on user task
  • Equally valuable in Consumer and Professional aaplications alike

In a world that focuses on Speed, our Voice Interface tool can help take Web Applications to the next level of efficiency.

Speechly is positioned for both Business and Consumer Web Applications, wherever there is a need for speed and simplicity.

Speechly also supports W3C standards for Speech Recognition for improved accessibility.

How to get started?

Speechly can be integrated in any web app, using any modern web framework or language.

The easiest way to get started is booking a meeting with our Sales team to discuss your goals. You can find our Contact Form below!

If you are looking for a user-friendly voice technology for web with a low barrier to entry and easy integration, Speechly is your choice.

How would you use Spoken Language Understanding?

Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your use case in more detail.