Enhance your user experience by voice-enabling your web app in 25 minutes or less

Speechly’s NLP technology creates fast and direct voice interactions with real-time visual feedback. Which means your customers won't waste time talking back and forth to a machine. Instead, they will see results as they speak.

Enhance your user experience by voice-enabling your web app in 25 minutes or less

Voice based interaction is the future of internet transactions

In this era of unlimited choice and instant responsiveness, voice offers a degree of flexibility that touch, swipe and voice assistants can't compare to. Speechly gives that flexibility to your web apps in a matter of minutes.

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Speechly for Web Apps

A remarkably fast way to build voice enabled web apps

With just a few lines of JS and Speechly’s pre-built UI components, you'll be up and running with a custom voice experience in no time. Get started with Speechly to unlock:

Accurate data input and capture

50% improvements in efficiency

Higher user satisfaction

Improved brand affinity

Time spent on repetitive, time-intensive data entry tasks like form filling and data retrieval can be cut in half with Speechly. Build your applications with a best-in-class user experience that helps your users’ getting things done faster. All without shelling out thousands of dollars, months of development, and giving Big Tech access to your data.

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Voice UIs as a Feature vs Conversational Voice UIs

Learn how Voice UI features are outperforming Voice Assistants.

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Word games in real-time video

Doppio Games, leading voice game developer

Doppio Games uses Speechly to power its popular Just Say The Word! game available in the Zoom App Marketplace

The voice features power the main game mechanic where users guess words that other users are explaining. Speechly was chosen because:

  • The only solution available with compatibility with all major web browsers
  • Easy and quick to integrate into the web application
  • Lightning fast speed, essential in a real-time word game
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UI Components for Voice UIs in the Web

Ready-made UI components make development of Voice UIs faster.

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Christopher Barnes

Speechly’s ASR quality and speed is quite good compared to more expensive alternatives from major platforms; the Speechly SDK is extremely easy to integrate and works across most browsers; and Speechly is a great partner to work with to solve the specific and particular technical challenges for our game.

Christopher Barnes

Technical Director at Fortis Games

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