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Speechly removes the complexity of Spoken Language Understanding® with a simple to use API that makes it easy to add integrated voice features to websites and mobile apps.

Lightning-fast user experiences

No turn-taking. No waiting. No assistants required.

Our technology works in real-time, giving you the power to provide immediate visual confirmation, to build trust and confidence.

Based on years of Deep Learning research

Speechly was founded by leading voice and machine learning researchers who believed in the power and potential of voice - when done right.

Our proprietary Spoken Language Understanding® solution, industry leading language models, and flexible API were designed to make it easy for companies to harness the power of Reactive Voice UIs.

Murphy Mumm

If you are looking for a user-friendly voice technology for web with a low barrier to entry and easy integration, Speechly is your choice.

Murphy Mumm

Producer at 14Four

Fast, Accurate and Simple

Easy to integrate in all major platforms.

Device agnostic integration capabilities

  • Send voice audio with the Speechly API
  • Receive a stream of annotated transcript
  • Show real-time visual feedback and perform actions in your app
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Speech-to-Text & Natural Language Understanding

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From the makers of Alexa and Siri

First, we developed current market-leading voice solutions. Then, we decided to go further.

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Speechly Benefits


Easy-to-use client libraries and UI components, and a simple configuration language.


Our patented Spoken Language Understanding® technology is the fastest on the market.


Base accuracy is on-par with industry leaders. Custom tuning and modeling improves accuracy by up to 60%, surpassing competitors.

Built for multimodality

Support all interaction modalities; touch, vision, and voice when you build with Speechly.

Fully streaming API

Our API is fully streaming and supports arbitrarily long utterances.

Privacy by design

The Speechly API is GDPR and CCPA compliant and takes a security-first approach to all development.

We’re here to help your business get the most value out of voice

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