Unified Voice Interface API for Speech Recognition & Natural Language Understanding

Speechly Spoken Language Understanding combines Speech-to-Text with Natural Language Understanding to provide everything you’ll need for an awesome multimodal voice experience.

Lightning fast user experiences

Our real-time Spoken Language Understanding technology enables fast and direct voice interactions with immediate feedback for your users. No turn-taking. No waiting. No assistants required.

Simple cross-platform integration


From the makers of Alexa and Siri

The founders of Speechly have their backgrounds in developing current market-leading voice solutions. They have realized the shortcomings of previous generations of voice technology and want to bring it into the modern age.

From the makers of Alexa and Siri

Based on years of Deep Learning research

Our proprietary Spoken Language Understanding solution is based on patented, state-of-the-art Machine Learning technology, developed in-house by our experts.

Want to learn about our recent Interspeech 2021 paper?

Based on years of Deep Learning research

Fully streaming API results and multimodality was a big WOW for us when choosing Speechly.

How would you use Spoken Language Understanding?

Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your use case in more detail.

Speechly Benefits


Our patented Spoken Language Understanding technology is the fastest on the market.


Easy-to-use client libraries and UI components and a simple configuration language.


Our off-the-shelf accuracy is on-par with industry leaders. With your data, we can improve it by another 20-60%.

Great support

We support you from design to deployment in all states of application development.

Flexible pricing

Our sales team is happy to provide a pricing option that best suits your business.

Privacy included

You decide what is done with your users’ data.

Create awesome voice experiences with Speechly

Build your first configuration in minutes with our easy-to-use quick start guide.