Speechly for Other Platforms

Add a voice UI to any connected and programmable device with the Speechly gRPC API.

Voice Interface API at the Edge

A microphone and an Internet connection are all that is needed for your IoT device to understand speech.

Ideal for command and control

Our lightweight Keyword Detection Engine enables voice based command and control also in low-resource environments.


Message passing programming model

Our event-based programming model easily interfaces with industry standard technologies, such as MQTT.

Enhanced privacy with on-device capabilities

Our Spoken Language Understanding Engine can also run on the user’s device, so their sensitive data remains top-secret.
Want to see Speechly run on a Rasberry Pi?

Message passing programming model

That was amazingly easy. …I just need to publish MQTT messages based on the response from Speechly

How would you use Spoken Language Understanding?

Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your use case in more detail.

Create awesome voice experiences with Speechly

Build your first configuration in minutes with our easy-to-use quick start guide.