Voice API

Natural Language Understanding

Speechly reacts the second you engage. The only Reactive Voice User Interface API that returns Natural Language Understanding results in real-time.

No turn-taking

Our technology frees experiences from the confines of the rigid, turn-based conversational models of the past.

No assistants required

Efficient, real-time feedback and listening lets users get things done as they speak.

Ultra-fast interactions with real-time feedback

Don’t make your users wait for results. Our proprietary Natural Language Understanding technology enables fast and direct voice interactions with immediate feedback.

State-of-the-art accuracy

Entity Accuracy in Case Restaurant Booking

F1-score: the higher the betterchart: y-axis F1-score. x-axis: 1) Speechly almost 0.9 2) TextRazor almost 0.8 3) Dialogflow Google around 0.76 4) snips around 0.66 5) spaCy around 0.66


 it your way

No limits: Easily design your Domain-Specific intents and entities using the Speechly Annotation Language.
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Arto Kaitosaari

With many cloud providers their offerings are split into multiple different services and it can feel overwhelming. It was a lot easier to get started with Speechly.

Arto Kaitosaari

Senior Software Architect at Nitor

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