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Speechly quickly learns domain-specific vocabulary and tunes to acoustic environments.
Our team of leading researchers built patented, state-of-the-art Machine Learning technology, in-house.
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Google vs Speechly Accuracy

ATIS3 December 1993 dataset
chart: y-axis accuracy rate. x-axis: 1) Speechly (domain adapted text + 27h audio) 97.5% 2) Speechly (domain adapted text) 95% 3) Google 92.5%
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When your users' data cannot be trusted with outside parties we can bring our technology to you.
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For enhanced privacy and connectivity, Speechly can run directly on the end-users' device.
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Harri Laaksonen

We chose Speechly because they had the best speech recognition service and we can utilize it with our own data, which is not possible with Apple or Google or similar capabilities.

Harri Laaksonen

Ecommerce development manager, S-Group

We're here to help your business get the most value out of voice.

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