Financial industry

Banking and insurance industries can benefit from voice

Financial services can often feel intimidating for the end users and finding acceptable answers to even simple questions can be hard.

Oftentimes the easiest and most trusted way is to call the contact center, which usually consists of an annoying IVR and long waiting time. For financial service institutions in turn this providers a lot of customer service costs impacting the bottom line.

Voice is a natural way for customers to explain situations in an insurance claim situation or a daily banking transaction. Speechly enables financial service institutions to provide intuitive and smooth voice-enabled experiences in customer situations where ease and security are key, all within their own apps and websites with maximum security. This enables significant customer service cost savings and creates happier less frustrated customers.

How banking and insurance industries can benefit from voice?

Banking and insurance industries have to do with highly structured information heavy data input. A match made in heaven for voice user interfaces.

Managing finances

Tracking expenses and managing finances, especially on mobile contains a lot of repetitive tasks and inputting structured data. These can easily be transformed into natural voice tasks.

Peer-to-peer payments

A typical peer-to-peer payment application needs dozens of taps to transfer money to a friend when a simple "Send 20 dollars to Jack" would easily suffice.

Insurance claims

The easier it is to claim an insurance, the more money an insurance company makes in the long run. Voice UI can combine the best parts of a call center and self-service digital application.

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