Connected devices, robots and IoT

IoT is a great match for the future of the user interfaces - voice.

More and more devices around us are connected and can do smarter things than before.

This however means that the user interfaces need to support richer interactions often leading to complicated button interactions or expensive touchscreens. Many devices are already supporting simple voice commands using embedded 3rd party assistants, but the end user experience is sub-optimal and many branded manufacturers would not like to have end users repeat 3rd party brand names instead of their owns.

Speechly allows connected device manufacturers to embed real-time voice functionalities enabling users to use intuitive commands to control the devices. The voice UI can be part of the branded device experience leading into a better user experiences and more satisfied customers.

Example use cases for connected devices

Over 16 billion connected devices can be improved by Speechly technology

Consumer appliances

Speechly enables brands to create voice controls with more responsive user experience than industry leaders for any consumer appliance.

Home automation

Voice user interface is a natural and intuitive way of controlling home security, building automation, baby monitors, smart TVs and other devices.

Custom smart speakers

White label smart speakers for intimate brand experiences

Supports complex user utterances

Real-time feedback for intuitive user experience

Easily customizable for any use case

Try out →
White label smart speaker

Try out a home automation demo

Begin by clicking the button and consenting to microphone permissions. After that, click and hold the microphone button to control devices in different rooms.

”It’s lightning fast! This is really the next level!”

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