Customer service professionals and call center agents

In call centers, customers are already using voice

While digitalization has changed how customer service agents work and it has made the work more efficient in many ways, the amount of after contact work has increased as more and more data needs to be captured from every interaction.

At the same time as more information is captured, often it needs to be checked during an interaction, which in turn might take time away and result in customers waiting for the agent to find information from different IT systems.

Speechly allows suggesting and finding information automatically during an interaction ensuring agents always have relevant information available. It also allows capturing structured data very efficiently using voice input and can be even used to automatically capture information from voice interactions. Faster and more reliable voice input leads to less errors and decreased average handling times.

Why voice works great for customer service?

Customers are accustomed to handling their customer feedback with voice. Technology can make your call centers 10x more efficient.

Fastest input

47% of customers report not having a positive live chat experience in the past month, even if they love the fact that the it's quick to start. Voice can give your customers the best of both worlds.

Most intimate channel

Voice is a very intimate channel. Leveraging voice technology correctly makes it possible to build very intimate brand experiences. Using Speechly for customer support enables strong and effective brand experience.

Make your customer service more effective and intuitive

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