Product search, filtering, & purchasing is outdated and inefficient

Online shopping is tedious: products are hidden behind complicated search boxes, filters and product menu hierarchies that can make shopping painful for users.

With Speechly's Natural Language Voice Search online merchants can allow their users to simply vocalize what they are looking for, refining their search in real-time, giving the ability to easily compare and add items to a shopping cart. Easy voice-enabled shopping experiences in existing digital domains, like a website or mobile app, makes online shopping more efficient and enjoyable for the user. This increases conversion and retention while helping differentiate the brand.

Fashion E-Commerce Voice Search

Natural Language Voice Search improves user experience in mobile and web E-Commerce

Real-Time visual feedback for intuitive user experience

Efficient product filtering and purchasing

Easy integration to any E-Commerce website or mobile application

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Voice search filtering in E-Commerce

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Real-time visual feedback enables intuitive corrections and encourages user to go on with voice experience. Try it yourself

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