Engineers, technical and other professionals on the move

Technical personnel on the voice can benefit from inputting data by using voice

Engineers and technical professionals are often on the move inspecting, maintaining and servicing complex technical equipment.

Getting immediate access to relevant documentations and data points and the ability to capture structured data from the field is crucial. Despite a lot of innovation in equipping these professionals with digital tools, it is still often very cumbersome to find the right information while on the move, or inputting structured data into different IT systems.

Speechly allows engineers and technical personnel to find information they are looking for and collecting structured data efficiently with their voice. This eliminates the need to return to the office for data input related tasks and makes the work more efficient and enjoyable thus saving both the professional’s and the end customer’s time.

Why voice works great for technical personnel?

Good data quality is of immense value, but filling forms and typing on a touch screen on the field is cumbersome.

Improve data quality

Voice is up to four times faster than typing on a touch screen. This means four times the data with same time spent on reporting.

Fast access to important documents

Voice search is a very intuitive and quick way to find technical documentation and other information from a big inventory, even on the go.

Make your engineers on the move more effective

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