Fast food ordering

Public touch screens can be replaced with a more hygienic voice option

When customers visit chain restaurants or order takeaway food home, they very often know exactly what they want to order and just want to order their meals fast and effectively.

While public touchscreens have been gaining adoption inside restaurants, according to a recent study 100% of fast food touchscreens contained traces of feces. COVID also makes people want to avoid unnecessary touching of public screens.

Speechly allows restaurants and food delivery companies to offer a seamless voice enabled ordering experience integrated in the existing applications and websites. Voice is by far the most effective way to capture customer orders in-store, in drive-thru, over the phone or over the internet, leading to increased conversion and customer lock-in.

Pizza ordering with Speechly

Speechly pizza ordering application demo

Fast food ordering with voice

Adding and modifying fast-food menu items by using voice

Real-time visual feedback for intuitive user experience

Easy to integrate to any store or application

Well-known menu items support voice instead of browsing

Fast purchase, increased conversion rate

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Ordering pizza with voice user interface

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