When gamers' hands are occupied with the controller, voice is still available

Voice gaming is currently focusing on simple dialogues, a bit like the early text based adventures in the early 80s. At the same time traditional games have mainly focused on using voice for player-to-player communication, rather than improving the gaming experience.

Speechly’s real-time voice control allows embedding voice as an intuitive part of the game mechanics and creating an even more immersive overall gaming experience on PC, consoles and mobile. Let your players control primary or secondary features: search for items, players, users or toggle between weapons, locations etc. Immersive and differentiated gaming experiences create loyal gamers improving retention and creating new monetization opportunities.

Role playing game

Speechly Playground demo for Spoken Language Understanding in gaming

See entities and intents for voice input in real-time

Easy to configure and integrate for any gaming use case

Saves users from navigating deep menus

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Voice search filtering in eCommerce

Let's make great voice experience for games

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