Grocery shopping

Online grocery shopping is a repetitive and time consuming task

COVID has finally made online grocery shopping a mainstream phenomenon, but the shopping experience is still cumbersome and frustrating: navigating through menus and typing into search boxes to fill up the shopping cart takes ages

Grocery retailers need to find new ways to improve their online shopping experience to make it easier, more convenient and sticky.

Voice technologies offer a natural way for users to do online shopping, but grocery retailers face two important decisions when building amazing voice-enabled online grocery experiences:

Brand ownership

Why push your customers away from your own to somebody else’s channels (typically assistant services from your competitors)? The only way to keep ownership of the brand experience and customer relationship is to keep customers within your own channels and touchpoints.

Data ownership

With current assistant and smart speaker solutions retailers are forced to give out valuable customer data away, typically to competing players. This might also have privacy implications.

Grocery Shopping with a Voice UI

Speechly's real-time voice user interface in grocery e-Commerce

”We chose Speechly because they had the best speech recognition service and we can utilize it with our own data, which is not possible with Apple or Google or similar capabilities”


Voice-enabled grocery shopping list app for iPhone

End-users add products to their cart by voice

Great customer feedback (4.6 stars)

Real-time visual feedback for intuitive user experience

Decreases the time to build a shopping cart significantly

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Speechly in action in S-Ostoslista grocery shopping list app

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Harri Laaksonen, SOK shares his experiences with Speechly

SOK improved their grocery eCommerce shopping experience with Speechly. On this video, Harri shares his experiences with Speechly.

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Easy to integrate to any existing web application

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Speechly demo for voice-enabled grocery shopping