Health apps

Voice is the easiest way to input your meals and exercises

Everyone knows they should eat healthy and exercise often, and that doing that in a systematic way would help improve their health.

Some people have even tried maintaining a meal or fitness diary at some point. Unfortunately, very few people are able to keep track of the activities and results persistently, as it is quite time consuming and frustraging.

Speechly’s easily integratable voice technology makes tracking of meals, exercise or other healthy routines a breeze. Our analytics show that given a choice between typing or speaking, users prefer to use voice in 93% of the cases, and that services leveraging voice have excellent user retention.

How health apps could be improved by voice?

Tracking meals and exercises accurately is important for best user experience, but inputting data heavy information on touch screen is tedious.

Tracking meals

Instead of browsing through endless menus and selections, user could just say something like "tuna pasta and a glass of orange juice".

Tracking exercises

Pressing microphone and say "Five bench press repetitions with 120 pounds" saves users' time and and makes sure their efforts are tracked accurately.

”Impressive! Very nice and clear. I wouldn’t have guessed that it can generalize intents and entities so well.”

Let's make great voice experience for health apps

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