Industrial manufacturing and factory professionals

Professional data should be as easy as possible to input

Industrial environments can be noisy and dirty and pose specific requirements for user interfaces needed to control the machines and processes.

Voice interfaces allow factory workers to access data and documentation fast and control machines remotely while being occupied with other manual tasks. However, the noisy industrial environment creates challenges for speech recognition and natural language understanding, and the workflows need to be very easily tailored and updated when needed.

Speechly technology can easily adapt to the challenging industrial acoustic environments and allows you to build smart voice controlled workflows. Equipping operational personnel with headsets that support smart voice commands improves the efficiency, removes errors and minimizes downtime.

Use cases for voice in factories and warehouses

Improve workflows by leveraging voice user interfaces in factories and manufacturing

Control machinery

Improved access to different data views and less often used controls improves efficiency and safety.

Error reporting

Maintenance personnel can easily report completed maintenance and repair tasks for improved data collection.

Easy access to documentation

Make sure everyone finds the documentation they are looking for as quickly as possible by leveraging voice search.

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Spoken Language Understanding Playground

Try real-time Spoken Language Understanding in action in an industrial use case

Suitable for noisy environments

Intent and entity tagging in real-time

High accuracy

Easy to configure for complex use cases

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