Logistics and warehouse professionals

Current voice solutions can't cope with noisy industrial settings

Modern efficient logistics and warehouse operations are based on the ability to access and record information effectively on the move.

Modern warehouses and logistics centers are noisy environments where traditional voice technologies might struggle in performance.

Speechly’s adaptable and customizable voice solutions allow logistics and warehouse operators to equip their employees with voice-powered tools for capturing structured data hands free effectively into their warehouse management systems from noisy locations. Customizing the speech recognition and natural language understanding models to the acoustic environment and headsets used significantly improves accuracy. This allows the staff to work significantly faster leading to more efficient and happier workforce.

Use cases for voice in logistics

Improve safety and data quality by enabling hands-free access to data input and reporting

Quality control

Report anomalies and missing items quickly and efficiently for improved data quality and efficiency.

Inventory handling

Easy and efficient reporting in loading and unloading enables rapid dispatch of orders.

”It’s leaps ahead of anything I’ve seen. [A competitor solution] wasn’t nearly as good as this and we felt very limited by the drop-down choices available. We really liked the fact that Speechly is super free form.”

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