Online booking

If your business depends on bookings, why not make it as easy as possible?

Online booking has become the standard way for people to book their trips, restaurant tables, doctors appointments, car service, shows etc., but browsing and filling in the endless forms or remembering rarely used passwords can become quite frustrating.

Speechly makes online booking easy by allowing users to naturally explain their needs and see how the booking form is filled up in front of their eyes in real-time. Updates and corrections to the information can be done in a blink of an eye. This makes form filling significantly faster, more enjoyable and less error prone increasing the booking conversion rates.

Why online booking is a great use case for voice?

For many businesses, booking is the most important conversion and it should be as easy as possible for all users, even on the go.

Structured data

Booking typically requires structured data: dates, locations and selections that are well-suited for voice input.

Naturally multi-modal

When user sees the form, they know exactly what questions they need to answer.

Easy to integrate

Adding voice functionalities to any form with Speechly is simple and effortless.

Flight booking

Flight booking with voice integrated to an existing online form for multi-modal and intuitive experience. User sees their input being added to the form naturally and intuitively and can edit it by using touch, if needed.

Make online booking more intuitive

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