Sales professionals

Time saved in reporting can be used to interact with customers

Modern digitally enabled sales professionals use almost two thirds of their time in non sales related activities and almost a full day per week interacting with the CRM, rather than interacting with their customers.

Speechly allows busy sales professionals to quickly and conveniently find and information they need and input structured data directly into the CRM and other information systems. Speechly can be customized to support any kind of data input and workflows so that existing well working practices don’t need to be changed. Leveraging voice to power sales professionals can save time that can be spent with customers and improve staff motivation.

How sales professionals can benefit from voice user interfaces?

Sales personnel are often on the move and reporting late leads to decreased data quality. Inputting data by using voice saves time and improves data.

Filling CRM data

Easy data input improves data quality and saves time from sales people that can be used for customer meetings and prospecting.

Searching for data

Voice search enables sales personnel to access already collected data by using natural queries instead of tapping and browsing through menus.

CRM data input

Fast and efficient data input in a CRM equals to better data quality and improved sales process. Speechly can be integrated to a CRM or an ERP to save sales professionals' time and enhance data quality.

Improve sales reporting with voice user interfaces

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