Use Cases

Voice Command & Control for Web, Mobile and the Metaverse

Create accessible and easy to navigate websites by adding Voice Command & Control with our proprietary Speechly for Interfaces API.

Real-Time Feedback

Our Spoken Language Understanding™ technology understands Voice Commands and gives feedback in real time, at the same speed you would expect a screen to react to the swipe of a finger.

Accurate Results

Easily train Speechly models for your specific domain with an industry leading 95%+ accuracy.


Our Client Libraries and ready-made UI Components make it easy to integrate Voice Command & Control in Mobile, Web, and Metaverse experiences.

Multi-Modal Voice UI

Speechly does not require you to build a Voice Assistant, enabling you to add Voice Command & Control as a Feature of your existing Mobile App, Website, or Metaverse experience.

Additional Features

Voice Command Analytics

Better understand the performance of Voice Commands by looking at successful AND unsuccessful Voice Commands.

Built to Scale

The Speechly Voice API is built to scale beyond 100M+ Hours of Audio Data, all in Real-Time.

Building AR/VR environments for businesses

Zoan is using Speechly to enable immersive hands-free control of their VR environments.

Zoan removes the barriers for natural interaction and starts using voice - the most natural interface for humans in VR environments.

Zoan is partnering with Speechly to build next-generation VR and AR services for industry professionals and consumers. Speechly’s Spoken Language Understanding allows developers to create VR environments while experiencing full immersion. Speechly was chosen because:

  • Speechly’s real-time natural speech understanding
  • Voice technology is the most natural input available for immersive experiences
  • Improved user experience, with almost instantaneous user feedback

Industries We Serve

Ecommerce, Grocery, Retail, Media and Entertainment, Banking and Healthcare

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