Use Cases

Voice Filtering for Web & Mobile

Eliminate endless box clicking to find the perfect product by allowing users to filter by Voice.

Real-Time Reaction

Our Spoken Language Understanding™ technology understands in real time and can start filtering the second a user starts speaking, creating up to a 5x more efficient filtering experience on Mobile and Web.

Accurate Results

Easily train Speechly models for your specific domain with an industry leading 95%+ accuracy.


Our Client Libraries and ready-made UI Components make it easy to integrate Voice Filtering in Mobile and Web experiences.

Multi-Modal Voice UI

Speechly does not require you to build a Voice Assistant, enabling you to add Voice Filters as a Feature of your existing Filters.

Additional Features

Voice Filter Analytics

Better understand what your users are trying to filter for by looking at successful AND unsuccessful Voice Filtering queries.

Built to Scale

The Speechly Voice API is built to scale beyond 100M+ Hours of Audio Data, all in Real-Time.

Case Study

HUS Improved Meal Tracking in Hospitals With a Voice User Interface

HUS is a hospital district of 2.2 million residents, serving 2.9 million clinic visits each year. HUS created a responsive web application for improving patients' meal tracking in their hospitals. The application enables users to tell what they've eaten, instead of typing and tapping through traditional menus.

Industries We Serve

Ecommerce, Grocery, Retail, Media and Entertainment, Banking and Healthcare

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