Use Cases

Voice Input for Web, Mobile and the Metaverse

Add efficiency to any process by using your Voice to Input information with our proprietary Speechly for Interfaces API.

Real-Time Feedback

Our Spoken Language Understanding™ technology understands Speech and gives feedback in real time, giving users confidence they are being understood, allowing for Voice Input of any length.

Accurate Results

Easily train Speechly models for your specific domain with an industry leading 95%+ accuracy.


Our Client Libraries and ready-made UI Components make it easy to integrate Voice Input in Mobile, Web, and Metaverse experiences.

Multi-Modal Voice UI

Speechly does not require you to build a Voice Assistant, enabling you to add Voice Input as a Feature of your existing Mobile App, Website, or Metaverse experience.

Additional Features

Voice Input Analytics

Better understand the performance of Voice Inputs by looking at successful AND unsuccessful Voice Inputs.

Built to Scale

The Speechly Voice API is built to scale beyond 100M+ Hours of Audio Data, all in Real-Time.

Speechly for Logistics

Improve your warehouse workforce efficiency by 40% with Speechly

Use Speechly’s voice user interface to both direct the operator and take commands using voice. Typical voice commands that operators use include product code strings, quantities, and locations. Get started with Speechly to unlock:

  • Reduced error rates
  • Happier employees
  • Improved data input and reporting
  • Reduced training time for new employees

With Speechly, you can report anomalies like broken or missing items, in real time. This means improved data quality and cost savings for your logistics operations.

When you voice-enable your warehouse systems, your operators can spend more time out in the warehouse picking and pulling orders, and less time on manual reporting and searching for documents.

Industries We Serve

Ecommerce, Grocery, Retail, Media and Entertainment, Banking and Healthcare

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