VR and AR

Improve first time user experience and make your VR more intuitive by adding voice

VR / AR technology adoption is growing in professional applications and consumer entertainment.

However controlling the experience and interacting with the environment using the current generation of hand controllers is quite unintuitive leading to a steep learning curve and poor first time user experience, making hands free operation more important than ever.

In addition to simple remote commands, Speechly technology allows building rich immersive real-time user interfaces that can be used for more complicated tasks like supporting complicated maintenance workers with overlaid technical instructions controlled in real-time using voice or toggling different display layers within a VR real estate visit. This significantly improves the VR / AR experience leading to more engagement and retention.

Why voice works great for VR and AR?

VR environments needs controls, but users can't use their hands for traditional controllers.

Improved first time user experience

When users are trying a new VR environment for the first time, clumsy hand controllers are cumbersome and hard to use.

More immersive virtual reality

Constantly looking for the right button in new controllers breaks the experience and makes the user focus on wrong things.

”Current XR interaction devices are unintuitive and require training. Speechly technology enabled us to create truly immersive VR experience that free our users from clumsy controllers.”

Voice and VR

Immersive and natural voice-enabled VR application for home decoration built with ZOAN, a leading VR studio from Nordics.

Make your VR experiences more fun and intuitive

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