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Client Library for Unity to Easily Add Voice Command & Control

Collin Borns

Mar 31, 2022

1 min read

With the Speechy Client Library for Unity, developers can now easily add Voice UIs as a Feature to their experiences built with Unity.

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The world of AR/VR, Gaming, and Metaverse experiences continues to grow, so we are excited to release our Speechly Client Library for Unity. This release is the result of growing demand for being able to easily add a Real-Time Voice UI as a Feature to these experiences to make them more interactive and easier to navigate.

How it Works

This client library streams audio from a Unity or .NET app to the Speechly cloud Voice API and provides a C# API for receiving real-time Speech-to-Text (STT) transcription and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) results. This makes it easy to enable users to Command and Control the environment around them using their Voice.

Check out the Speechly Client for Unity in the Speechly Documentation to start developing your voice-enabled gaming or metaverse experience today. For more technical details, check out our GitHub repository.

See it in Action

What is Speechly?

Speechly is a Voice API that makes it easy to build voice features into games, AR/VR/XR experiences, mobile apps and websites. If you would like to learn more about Speechly or get access to our API, you can sign up for a free account or reach out to us here.

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