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Speechly’s AI-driven voice chat monitoring enabled Gym Class to proactively address toxic behavior and rise to a 4.9-star user rating.

Gym Class

VR Game on Meta Quest

We chose Speechly to power the Steppenwolf experience thanks to its super low latency, market-leading accuracy, and its availability across all web browsers, Unreal Engine and Unity.

Ben Salili-James

Co-Founder and CTO at

Speechly’s ASR quality and speed is quite good compared to more expensive alternatives from major platforms; the Speechly SDK is extremely easy to integrate and works across most browsers; and Speechly is a great partner to work with to solve the specific and particular technical challenges for our game.

Christopher Barnes

Technical Director at Fortis Games

Latency is a problem we have to tackle all the time, but Speechly is able to give us that answer so incredibly quickly that it was kind of startling. What a fantastic problem to have.

Will Hall

Chief Creative Officer at RAIN Agency

We chose Speechly because they had the best speech recognition service and we can utilize it with our own data, which is not possible with Apple or Google or similar capabilities.

Harri Laaksonen

Ecommerce Development Manager, S-Group

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Speechly’s fast, simple and accurate voice technology has helped 50+ companies across 20+ countries transform and grow their businesses.

Case Study

Combating Voice Chat Toxicity in VR Games

Gym Class was preparing to launch on Meta Quest, but there was a problem. A few users were creating a toxic environment that undermined the game experience. Speechly’s AI-driven voice chat monitoring enabled Gym Class to proactively address toxic behavior and launch successfully with a 4.9-star user rating.

Case Study

SOK Used Speechly to Get More Customers to Shop Groceries Online

Users of the application can use their voice to list the groceries they want to add to their shopping list and purchase them easily online or offline. The application has received praise in the App Store and among their customers and brought in new customer groups to online grocery shopping.

Case Study

HUS Used Speechly to Improve Meal Tracking in Hospitals

HUS is a hospital district of 2.2 million residents, serving 2.9 million clinic visits each year. HUS created a responsive web application for improving patients' meal tracking in their hospitals. The application enables users to tell what they've eaten, instead of typing and tapping through traditional menus.


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