Speechly Terms & Policies

Last updated: March 31, 2020

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Speechly is a start-up company based in Helsinki, Finland. It provides technology that converts speech to text. This is called speech recognition. Speechly is used by application developers to add voice features to their products. To implement this service, Speechly must collect some data as outlined below.

Speechly does the followingWhy does Speechly do it?
Your speech is sent over the network to a remote computer maintained by Speechly.This is required because the speech recognition is done on this remote computer.
Your speech is stored on a remote computer maintained by Speechly, and possibly listened to by a member of the Speechly quality assurance team. No-one outside Speechly has access to your voice.This is done because speech data helps us to make the speech recognition more accurate, so that all applications built with Speechly will work better for you and other people.
The developer who has built the application has access to the text converted from your speech.This is done because it helps application developers to improve their application so that it better understands you and other people.

Speechly does not do any of the following:

  • Speechly will not trace your speech back to you, nor link it with your other online accounts, for example on social media or other services.
  • Speechly will not use your speech data for any marketing purposes, nor will Speechly share your speech data with 3rd parties.
  • Speech data and related text that contain payment information (for example credit card details) are not stored, nor will they be used as part of our quality improvement process.

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