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Powering the experiences that let users speak and feel heard

Founded by researchers, Speechly was built to power remarkably fast and intuitive voice experiences that take the burden off of the user and let the technology do the heavy lifting.

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We strive to be the most helpful and innovative software company you’ve ever worked with

Our technology

Built for developers. Unlock the power of AI Voice Technology and Reactive Voice User Interfaces.

We founded Speechly in 2016 with the firm belief that voice is the future of interaction. Our mission is to use voice technology to enable more delightful human computer voice interactions, and to empower and enhance communication between people.

Speechly’s efficient, real-time feedback and listening lets the technology do the work, leaving the users free to speak naturally. Our flexible Voice API gives companies total ownership of the experience, offering the simplest way to add AI Voice Technology and Reactive Voice User Interfaces to any experience.

Our technology team consists of expert machine learning researchers with academic backgrounds, combined with industry experience working in the companies that created the previous generation of voice technologies. We have deep empathy for developers - because we are developers. Our platform was built with the needs of our developer partners in mind, and our team is constantly working on new ways to improve the developer experience.

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Our team has built some of the most used software in the world

We know how to make complex software simple to use

Our key team members

  • CTO, Co-founder

    Hannes Heikinheimo

  • Chief Scientist, co-founder

    Janne Pylkkönen

  • Chief Architect, co-founder

    Markus Lång

  • CEO, co-founder

    Otto Söderlund

  • Chief Product Officer

    Antti Ukkonen

  • Head of Design

    Mathias Lindholm

  • Head of UX

    Ari Nykänen

  • Head of Business Development

    Collin Borns

  • Senior Speech Scientist

    Albert Swart

  • Senior NLU Engineer

    Juho Kilpikoski

  • Head of Linguistics

    George Stampoulidis

  • Natural Language Specialist

    Karoliina Louhema

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Trusted by the leading VCs in technology

Speechly is funded by the top venture capitalists in technology, AI and machine learning.

Our strong research helps you succeed

Speechly’s innovative technology is fully built in-house by our team of machine learning and data science PhD’s. This enables full customizations and best-in-class accuracy for your voice application.

Patents: US 11,210,062, US 11,232,793 & US 11,315,548

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